Malls were Busy on Friday

Malls were packed on Friday with last minute shoppers.

We can only assume that it will stay busy tonight, even with a little snow falling.

Walkways have been busy since early this morning.

Many shoppers said they have been taking advantage of the special deals and shopping incentives, but even the local mom and pop shop have found ways to keep up.               

For more than a decade a local shop in historic Greendale has been offering customers a different shopping experience.

With only days away from St. Nick's arrival it's the spot many last minute shoppers say comes in handy.

While many may flock to the malls for those creative incentives and deals, local shops say they too have been making offers with emails, half off items, and rewards cards.

While crowds may be smaller, shop owners say there's another advantage to shopping local.

Just like this south ridge mall, local shops say they too have extended their hours to meet demand. 

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