Major lane closures starting Monday morning

High impact lane closures took affect late Sunday night.

The Zoo Interchange S-W (I-894/US 45 northbound to I-94 westbound) and E-S (I-94 westbound to I-894/US 45 southbound) system ramps are expected to close long-term Monday morning. 

These long-term closures will help facilitate construction of the new interchange. 

The Zoo Interchange S-W system ramp is expected to remain closed through late 2015 as the new S-W system ramp and I-894/US 45 roadway is constructed. 

The Zoo Interchange E-S system ramp is expected to remain closed through Fall 2017 as the new Zoo Interchange system ramps as well as the I-894, US 45, and I-94 roadways are constructed.

Here's a guide to getting around the construction.

Longtime music store, Melk Music, said they are moving in May in-part because of the construction in the area.

Melk Music opened in the 1960's and the owner's mother lives in the back of the building.

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