Mailers Reminding People to Vote Coming Soon

Some of you are going to be getting a postcard in the mail soon asking you to register to vote. State officials approved the mailing for over a million people today. But exactly how did they get your information?

It's all through a system that Wisconsin just joined this year. But experts say that system... Just like any system ...Could still be a hacker's playground. 

That new system is called the Electronic Registration Information center or ERIC. There are 21 members. Wisconsin just became a member this year. Another one is Illinois, where just a few days ago hackers accessed a database for the state's board of elections, compromising up to 200,000 voter records, including part of social security and drivers' license numbers. The FBI is investigating the hack, which happened over the summer. That's why experts say it's important to be mindful of hackers. 

I think it raises the possibility of having these systems that are vulnerable either to people that are trying to get money or actually trying to affect the election.

Now it is important to note, the ERIC group says that private data such as date of birth and the last four digits of the social security number are not made public through ERIC. They also say the hacks have nothing to do with their group

The state plans to send out nearly a million reminder mailers for voter registration within the next month through the ERIC program.

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