Madison Man throws Beer Bottle at Bartender for turning on Christmas Music

MADISON (CHANNEL 3000)A Madison man was arrested Thursday afternoon after throwing a beer bottle at a bartender who changed the bar’s music from Black Sabbath to Christmas music, police said.

Madison police responded to Farm Tavern Bar at 1701 Moorland Road just before 4:00 PM for reports of a disturbance involving a man who had just left, according to a release.

Christopher W. Gamboeck, 33, who other bar patrons described as intoxicated and violent, got upset when the bartender changed the music from the band Black Sabbath to Christmas music, police said.

Gamboeck reportedly chugged his bottle of beer and slammed it down on the counter after swearing at the bartender, according to the release. Gamboeck then threw the beer bottle in the direction of the bartender’s head.

Other patrons stepped in to keep him from going behind the bar as he circled the bar with his fists clenched, police said. Gamboeck’s uncle eventually got him to the door, but before he left he grabbed a Christmas tree in the bar, pulled it to the ground, and broke several ornaments.

When police tracked Gamboeck down at his residence, he rushed toward the officers and had to be threatened with a stun gun before he was eventually arrested, according to the release.

Gamboeck started yelling gender-based obscenities at a female officer before he was transported to the Dane County jail in tentative charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property.

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