Madison Man, Pant-less, Tasered by Police

A Madison man was tasered while being pant-less on Saturday because he was allegedly brandishing a knife, according to Madison Police.

Shortly after 9:17 PM, a high priority call was dispatched and Madison Police Officers responded to the 2300 block of Independence lane. 

Incoming officers were advised a man wearing no pants was brandishing a knife in an apartment building. The subject was, also, screaming for help.

After checking in and around the perimeter, they located Wells near an entryway, and he was refusing to comply with directives to drop the knife. 

A taser was used to take him into custody, and remove the knife from his possession.
One witness described the subject as having chased an officer with the exposed 4-inch bladed knife. 

When officers asked why the man he had a knife, they were told it revolved around him needing the knife for protection, after plans to give a massage to a friend fell through.

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