MADACC officers rescue animals from bitter cold

West Milwaukee -- Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control officers are rescuing animals from the cold.

At least one cat was in the elements long enough to suffer from hypothermia.  It could've been in the frigid temps anywhere from six to twelve hours.

A dog was brought in Thursday night that children found lying in the snow.  \"The muzzle of the dog was covered in ice as well as all four paws,\" explained Animal Control Officer, Paul A. Schmidt.

Schmidt said he had a lot of calls dealing with animals going into houses and other warm spaces to get out of the elements.  His job is also about awareness.  \"A lot of time's it's just trying to inform people hey it's really cold out,\" he said.  \"We put clothing on, go outside with just your t-shirt and pants on and see how a dog feels.\"

Schmidt said dogs need to have appropriate shelter when outdoors and something blocking the front so wind and snow can't get into their bedding.  Dogs need bedding to keep their body temperature warm.

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