Macy's Makes a Local 4-Year-Old's Wish Come True

If you have shopped at Macy's you have probably seen those "believe" signs in the store.  

On Friday, the company marked National Believe Day in a heartwarming way.

Athena, 4-year-old, is battling leukemia and Macy's is helping the make-a-wish foundation make Athena's wish come true.  

On National Believe Day, Macy's doubles its contribution to Make-A-Wish that will help send Athena on a trip to Paris for her fifth birthday next year.

“Her dad took her brother to Paris for his graduation, Germany and Paris and always said he'd take her.  Unfortunately, he's passed now so she still wants to go cause her dad promised to take her there," said her mother.

Athena is just one of the many kids who will see their wishes come true, thanks to Make-A-Wish and to contributions like those  from Macy's.

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