Lulu app gets girls talking, guys fuming

MILWAUKEE (WDJT) -- Ever consider a new restaurant, but before you try the food, you look online to see if other people liked it?  Ever wish you could look up a guy before you try first date?

You can, if you're a girl.  Lulu is a free app, designers say it \"unleashes the power of girl talk.\"  When a woman downloads the app, it connects to their Facebook page, then finds their male Facebook friends, and shows how those men have been reviewed.  

Women can leave anonymous reviews of their male Facebook friends.  A review includes a score from 1 to 10, and a hashtag.  These hashtags describe everything from looks such as #talldarkhandsome, to how he dresses #ownsCrocs, to how he performs in the bedroom #energizerbunny.

Not all of these hashtags are nice, some are ruthlessly mean like #manslut, meant to warn other women away from these men.  

Does this app empower women?  Or does it discriminate against men?  CBS 58's Bill Walsh went to UW-Milwaukee to see how students are using the app, and why it is drawing criticism.  


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