Lucroy not in the lineup

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Milwaukee catcher Jonathan Lucroy was not in the starting lineup for Saturday night's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates as the Brewers considered trade possibilities.

General manager David Stearns and manager Craig Counsell met before the game and decided not to start Lucroy.

"He's progessing on something," Counsell said of Stearns. "We thought it best that he not be in the lineup today.

A two-time All-Star, the 30-year-old Lucroy is batting .300 with 13 homers and 50 RBIs. He has a $4 million salary this year as part of a contract that includes a $5.25 million team option for 2017.

"He has not been traded," Counsell said. "He's available to us today. I'll use him if something comes up and I have to use him. But, he's making progress, so we thought it best to not play him."

Lucroy was in the clubhouse and dressed for batting practice.

"I'm not playing today," he said. "I'm sure it has something to do with things that are going on."

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