'Love is an open door': Tosa West High School selected to produce 'Frozen: The Broadway Musical'

NOW: ’Love is an open door’: Tosa West High School selected to produce ’Frozen: The Broadway Musical’

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Wauwatosa West's theatre program is being recognized nationwide, but the prize doesn't come with a trophy, plaque or congratulatory letter. Oh no, this honor comes with something they find much better.

The award is that Tosa West gets the licensing rights to produce 'Disney's Frozen: The Broadway Musical'. They're the only high school in Wisconsin selected to do so. And so, hum along if you want because, "for the first time in forever, there'll be magic and there'll be fun."

"Everyone started cheering and clapping. Was that an awesome moment? "Yea," said Peyton Goeden, Wauwatosa West High School freshman.

The excitement is here - can't hold it back anymore.

Adam Steffan has overseen the theatre program for 11 years in a school district he himself graduated from.

"My kids are amazing. We have actors. We have technicians. We have pit musicians, students with all different backgrounds, experience levels, abilities. And what ends up happening is we create a big ole happy family," said Adam Seffan., Wauwatosa West High School theatre director.

That family celebrating now, sing along -- "time to see what they can do, to test the limits and break through."

"It's absolutely thrilling. It's so exciting to be one of the first schools to be able to produce Frozen. It's such an awesome opportunity," said Sydney Chossek. Wauwatosa West High School senior.

The Tosa West Trojan players are right now working on their fall musical, 'Seussical'. The theatre program is giving students a chance to grow.

"And then all of those skills translate to anything they'll do after high school, the collaboration, teamwork, just persevering through struggle," said Corey Golla, Wauwatosa West High School principal,

Nearly 300 schools competed for the Frozen licensing rights. The contest theme, "love is an open door", was all about inclusion and community outreach. Only one school per state got it.

"Our goal is joy and boy what better way to do it than with Frozen?!" said Steffan.

"What do you think about your school now? That's really cool. I mean I always knew they had a really good theatre program, but that's really cool," said Goeden.

Tosa West's spring musical was set to be 'Cinderella'. That could change to 'Frozen'. But, it's up in the air right now because 'Frozen: The Broadway Musical' is coming to Milwaukee in April. So, they'll need to see if there is any conflict because Tosa's spring musical is in March.

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