Local woman nominated for Packers Fan Hall of Fame

Starting January 1, 2015, you will have the opportunity to pick the next super fan to enter the Packers Fan Hall of Fame.

It's down to ten finalists who live in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Michigan, and parts of Wisconsin including Nancy Locante who lives in Kenosha.

"I was born on September 23, 1957”, said Nancy Locante. “The same month and year Lambeau Field opened."

When you walk in Nancy Locante's TV room, you can clearly see her love for the Green Packers. The room is designed in Packers green and gold.

"I've had to explain my obsession with the Green and Gold, there's a few eye rolls, and it's non-negotiable", said Locante.

"When you live in Kenosha, you have to deal with a lot of Bears fans also”, said Locante.

Locante's daughter surprised her mother and entered her into the contest, by writing a short essay, 500 words or less on why Nancy Locante should be considered.

"Passion for the Packer is genetic”, said Locante. “Passed on from my mother."

Locante's mother taught her the Packers way of life.

"Back in the 80s”, said Locante. “The Bears and Packers game."

Locante's mother passed away a few years ago during the holidays, and ironically on the morning before a Packers game.

"Now my daughter and I go”, said Locante.

Locante keeps her mother's favorite chair in her TV room now.

"That's my chair, so I can see the television, without anything getting in my way”, said Locante.

With an autographed football by the players on the Green Bay Packers, several pictures of Aaron Rodgers, and Packers blankets to keep warm in the winter, Locante is ready for any given Sunday.

"Packer fans root no matter what."

Eight of the sixteen Packers Hall of Fame Inductees live the Milwaukee area.

The voting deadline is at midnight January 31, 2015.

Voters will be entered into a random drawing to win Packers merchandise.

You can find a link to vote on this website.

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