Local Woman Charged with Fatally Hitting a Motorcyclist in No Passing Zone

A Watertown woman allegedly fatally hit a motorcyclist while passing in a no passing zone.

Danielle Grooms was charged with homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle and reckless driving causing great bodily harm.

She told police she was trying to pass the car in front of her because the driver was allegedly on their cell phone and going slow and swerving.

One of the motorcyclists was an East Troy Police Officer.

The two motorcyclists were struck head on by a westbound vehicle while traveling in the east bound lane.

The motorcyclist that died was Mark Galluzzo.

There was no passing zone for both directions in the area of the hill that was well marked.

According to the criminal complaint, it is believed Grooms tried to pass another vehicle before the crest of the hill.

Grooms told police she thought at first she thought she hit a deer.

The accident happened at 11:28 PM, the defendant told police she was in a hurry to get home to go to bed because she had to be back at work at 7:00 AM.

The off-duty officer that was injured said that in January, he still is unable to return to his job. The officer said that he and Galluzzo had been friends for 20 years. 

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