Local Students Run High School Coffee Shop for Credit

Some local high school students are getting credit for caffeine. Students run the show at Central Perk, a coffee shop at Central High School in Paddock Lake. Students who work at the coffee shop, get credit in Culinary classes. 

The coffee shop has been up and running for four years, but Central Perk has seen some major changes recently. They raised enough money last year to purchase an espresso machine for the 2015-16 school year. Now, student baristas can brew lattes and specialty iced coffee. Next year, they hope to offer blended ice drinks. 

 “One in three people end up working in the food service industry in their life, so it’s a good thing for them to get introduced to just to see what it would be like to work behind the scenes," said Jamie Lutz, the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. 

Prices range from $.50-$3.00. The coffee shop is only open from 7-7:30 a.m. weekdays, so students get a sense of working under pressure. 

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