Local soldier surprises sisters at Mary Queen of Saints Catholic Academy

Military families accept that they can't celebrate the holidays on the exact date.

Depending on the leave of their loved one, you fit them in when you can.

So, when one local soldier had the chance to be home for Christmas, just casually walking through the front door wouldn't do.

CBS 58 News set up our camera at Mary Queen of Saints Catholic Academy on the pretense we were there for the prayer service.

Really, we were waiting for 19 year old Cody Laliberte of the United States Army  to surprise his two younger sisters who go to school there.

Jada was the first to spot him. Her jaw dropped. She seemed stunned. Lauren who was seated a little further back quickly caught on and cupped her hands over her mouth.

They last saw their brother in September.

Laliberte walked up to the podium prepared to give a speech, but his emotions took over. He couldn't find the words. That's when his sisters ran up to him to give him a hug.

Tears and smiles the trio embraced for a long time. Their mother looking on and their fellow students clapping all the way.

\"I can't believe I'm home,\" Laliberte told CBS 58 News.  \"I know I've only been training. And there are brave men and women serving who won't be home for Christmas and I truly am blessed to be home.\"

It is an image we've often shared and it never gets old.

A family enjoying the simplest pleasure there is; each other's company.

In a dangerous and uncertain world faith and service the true constants to see us through.

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