Local restaurant pays tribute to fallen Officer Hetland

NOW: Local restaurant pays tribute to fallen Officer Hetland

STURTEVANT, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Close friends of Officer John Hetland gathered Wednesday at the Hiawatha Bar and Grill in Sturtevant, where Hetland was a regular.

People there knew him as "Johnny Cop," but they say he never talked about his work while he was there, opting for more casual conversation.

At the spot on the bar where Hetland always sat is a memorial, marking the officer as a hero.

"We'll never forget his smile, his laughter, the jokes he brought," said Calli Kiolbasse, a friend.

Victor Cera was at Hiawatha; he worked with Hetland for many years at the Racine Police Department before retiring.

He expressed how difficult of a week it's been, and said it's been the same for everyone still wearing a Racine Police Department badge.

"It's hard on all the officers that are working, that have to be out there doing their job and trying to mourn at the same time," Cera said. "It's not easy."

Kenosha police are leading the investigation to find the man suspected of shooting Hetland.

"Kenosha took over because you get our guys out there and they might be a little overzealous, and I don't blame them because they want to find out who did this," Cera said. "But then a defense attorney could easily turn that around and say, 'You guys did this wrong. You guys did that wrong.'"

The reward for information leading to an arrest is more than $75,000. 

"Get [the suspect]," said Parrish Williams, a friend. "Catch him. It hurts. This is not settled until he's brought to justice."

Tammy Graceffa, the owner of Hiawatha, feels the same.

"We won't all sleep well until we know that this person is going to pay his dues. He took a good man from all of us."

Hiawatha is selling wristbands and T-shirts to raise money for Hetland's family. As of Wednesday afternoon, the total was nearly $7,000.

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