Local Red Cross disaster supervisor called to storm-stricken South

MILWAUKEE -- It's a call of service Milwaukee Red Cross workers and volunteers have been anticipating and preparing for.

The call to send help to southern states ravished by deadly severe storms this week. 

Phyllis Wiggins, a Red Cross disaster supervisor experienced in logistics, will board an early morning flight from Mitchell International Airport to Tulsa, Kansas, and will arrive in Baxter Springs, Kansas, later today, where the disaster operations hub is located.

Wiggins knows it's a delicate situation in the areas hardest hit.

\"It's very, very hard,\" Wiggins said.  \"You have to very sensitive to these people this is their community. In most cases while they're happy to see you. They're very conceded bout whether you're going to take care of their community the way they would take care of their community\"

She's prepared for a long trip.

\"The shortest stay is 15 days,\" Wiggins, a U.S. Army vet, said.  \"I'm going out in logistics logistics people are usually the first ones out then we have to take down the operation because were in charge of the vehicles the buildings equipment everything.\"

Phyllis is a Veteran and has responded to local and national disasters, including recent flooding in Colorado.

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