Local Non Profits Revitalize Milwaukee Neighborhood

There is a neighborhood in Milwaukee that looks a little different tonight, but it's a good thing.

It's an effort, to get people involved, all while sprucing up the neighborhood. 

"This is just another piece of what we do in the community within the Harambee Riverwest Neighborhood. We bring residents together, along with our stakeholders, and also volunteers from our different institutions to really get out and improve the neighborhood be residents in the neighborhood, and provide a value to this community," says Darryl Johnson with the Riverwest Development Corporation. 

It's part of nationwide initiative to revitalize neighborhoods, get more families to take pride in their communities. Employees with US Bank also took part in the project, by painting murals and doing some landscaping  organizers say the number of people volunteering in their communities has gone down by more than 25 percent. 

"When you see something that's been down for a while and it's on the up, it gives the community a whole new outlook on what's going on," says Jabreel Black with US Bank.  

That new outlook, is what organizers hope is here to stay.

 "What we're doing is trying to bring more resources to this community," says Johnson. 

"We're going to continue to help and continue improve our community," says Black.  

The project is also part of US Bank's 38-city journey to get folks involved in the community.

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