Local non-profit offers free training to work in construction industry

RACINE -- With the growing cost of a college education and the debate over student debt, trade and vocational schools are seeing a resurgence. Now one non-profit organization is offering that kind of training, but for free.

The Human Capitol Development Corporation based out of Racine offers training for those interested in the construction industry through the First Choice Pre-apprenticeship program.

Since 2005, close to 500 people have graduated from the pgroam and 122 of them have obtained jobs.

 \"Instead of just having a job, I'm working towards a career,\" said Tykia Norris, who graduated from the program in 2005.

Norris went from Certified Nursing Assistant making minimum wage, to a Concrete Laborer making $25 an hour.

 \"I've been working with my company for 5 years and I've just been progressing... I've been through two different apprenticeships since I started my job,\" added Norris.

Nicole Hunt is an Employment Specialist with HCDC and says the construction industry has been slow the last few years, but things are picking up.

 \"We are looking at some big turn around with all the construction projects around the state of Wisconsin,\" said Hunt.

The program lasts about 6 weeks and it is free to participants.

For more information, visit http://www.hcdcwi.org/

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