Local man wants guns permitted on school property

MILWAUKEE -- A debate is heating up about if parents with a conceal and carry permit should be allowed to bring guns onto school property. It's a law that one local man is trying to get introduced.

Nick Clark, Wisconsin Carry says, \"Right now if they're following the law to a 'T' they'd have to get out of the car, un holster, unload and put a gun in case before driving on school property.\"

He'd like a lawmaker to take up the legislation and had success getting lawmakers backing in the past but nothing was passed.

\"It would allow conceal and carry license holders to carry, not in school buildings but on school grounds.\"

But with school shootings making headlines, we wanted to know if he felt guns on school grounds would be a risk. Instead he says it's a benefit.

\"If something was to happen, lunatic mass shooters, should be able to respond to that.\"

But you won't convince Margarita Vera, a mother, who says she only sees problems not solutions.

\"You shouldn't find any dangers picking up your child from school, so why carry a concealed weapon as a parent.\"

It's a debate we're continuing on our CBS 58 Facebook page.

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