Local Man Overcomes MS, Set to Run in Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon takes place Monday, and while much of the coverage will be about increased security, one local man has an inspiring story about overcoming obstacles, doing what you love, and never taking the simple things for granted.

Tony Marquez of Waukesha was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis nearly two decades ago, and while this is a disease that is a debilitating road block for many, Tony had other plans.

"Twenty years ago half of my body was paralyzed, and when I was in my hospital bed I sort of made a promise to myself that if I could walk and use my legs, walk and run, then one day I would do a marathon. And I'm about to do my 8th marathon."

Tony says that he no longer takes medication for his MS, but he knows there could be a flare up if he doesn't take care of his body.

Aside from running marathons, Tony also runs a restaurant in Waukesha.

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