Local Health Officials Attend Simulation for Emergency Response

The readiness of local health emergency workers is being put to the test today.  A number of drills are underway including one at UW-Milwaukee.   

The Public Health Department is working with UWM and the North Shore Health Department for this statewide exercise.

This is a simulation of the procedure that would take place if there was a biochemical terror attack like Anthrax.

In that scenario, antibiotics would be distributed to all residents of the area who would be affected.

Workers here are collecting health information from volunteers in order to properly give out the drugs.

The city health commissioner said getting these different departments together to prepare for such a scenario is crucial, given the recent terror attacks. 

"It's gonna take all of us to do a all hazard approach to doing an all hazard approach to preparing for the inevitable. Yes there are different methods of terror and a biological attack is very possible. This readiness moment is one of those things that can prepare us. And the events in Orlando and anything else that can happen on a mass casualty standpoint gives us the opportunity to practice. We have to be ready we have to be prepared,” said Bevan Baker, Commissioner, Milwaukee Health Department.

UWM was chosen as a site today because of its location and proximity to the population.              

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