Local Group Asking for More Black Foster Parents

Nearly 70 percent of children in foster care in Milwaukee county are black. While that percentage is startling, Fresh start Family Services says recruiting black families is part of the solution. 

The group says there are many disparities that black children in foster care face in Wisconsin. 

Data shows that black children outnumber every race in the foster care system.. making up 68 percent in Milwaukee county. That's part of the reason for the group's black homes for black children plan, an initiative it believes will ultimately help black kids succeed in all aspects of life.  

"Black families understand Black children. There's an age-old attitude that we need to rescue Black children from Black communities and families because they can do better over here. That is not always the case," said Jermaine Reed with Fresh Start Family Services. 

For more information on becoming a foster parent, call Fresh Start Family Services at 414-351-1100.

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