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Local florist asks customers to condemn racism before being allowed on their website

In the wake of deadly violence in Charlottesville, a flower company has decided to take a stand.

Flowers for Dreams started in Chicago and in February, they also launched in Milwaukee.

The flower delivery service prides itself on taking a strong stance on social issues. So much so that you see a message before you're allowed on their website. It says, "Before we proceed, do you condemn racism, nazism, and white nationalism?"

"We wanted to make a very firm, loud, and clear stance that we don't want those people's money. If you're going to support or sympathize or be silent around Nazism, we don't want to do business with you," said Steven Dyme, Co-founder of Flowers for Dreams. 

If you click yes, you're allowed in. If you click no, you'll be redirected to the United States Holocaust Museum's website. 

Flowers for Dreams donates a quarter of their profits to a local charity every month.

In August, that charity is the "No Empty Backpacks Campaign."

Flowers for Dreams partnered with 88-Nine Radio Milwaukee to hand out free bouquets for every school supply and backpack donation. 

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