Local expert compiles easy and fun activities to do with kids during COVID-19 outbreak

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – With students out of school for at least the next few weeks, parents might be feeling a little stressed.

The website, Milwaukee With Kids, has compiled easy and fun activities to do with your children to help keep them entertained.

The founder and owner of the website, Calie Herbst, said it is also important to looking for educational programming or movies for children to watch during their time off.

“Parents are a little confused right now. They’re a little bit stunned. There’s a lot to plan for and everybody’s kind of doing it in their own way right now,” Herbst said. “What we’re trying to do is just offer up all the activities that we can think of, the ones that we know that will actually work at home.”

Herbst said some fun activities can be done with supplies that you most likely already have at home including a volcano experiment that only requires baking soda, vinegar, food coloring and a cup.

Herbst also talked about the importance of keeping a routine with children.

More information and activities can be found on the Milwaukee With Kids website.

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