Local Disabled Veteran is Asking for Help to Pay for Service Dog's Cardiac Care

Local disabled veteran is asking for help to pay for his service dog’s unexpected medical bills.

The veteran, Larry, posted on Go Fund Me that he has several medical conditions, and Otter notifies him prior to having seizures.

“Without him I would be in big trouble since we live 22 miles from the nearest city and my life would be drastically different,” posted Larry.

Otter’s cardiologist at University of Wisconsin – Madison said Otter has re-entrant tachycardia which requires the services of a vet in Ohio.

“This is one of only two veterinary doctors in the nation which can provide these services,” posted Larry.

The veterinary has a 93% success rate.

Otter was checked into UW-Madison Veterinary ICE on August 17.

“Something I had not planned on. I will pick him up at 1:30 AM CST on Monday,  8/22 and drive non-stop to the specialist,” posted Larry.

Larry estimated ICU stay and heart surgery would cost $11,000.

“I’d like to raise as much of this as possible because I just don’t have it! Without Otter, my life will be substantially and negatively impacted,” posted Larry.

Any excess funds will go to The Log Church in Tripoli, Wis. 

You can donate at this link. 

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