Local concussion research team receives NFL grant

Wauwatosa--  The NFL is helping a local medical research team uncover new information about the impact of sports-related concussions.  More than 400 institutions worldwide applied for the $300,000 Head Health Challenge grant.  Among the 16 winners, a team led by Dr. Michael McCrea at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. McCrea said, \"With the benefits of this grant, we're going to use advanced MRI scanning capabilities and technology here at the Medical College to actually visualize and study the physiological effects of this injury within the first 24 hours, and then conduct follow-up MRI scans at several time points post injury.\" 

McCrea's team is already collecting baseline tests from more than 2000 local high school and college athletes as part of a separate Department of Defense funded study.  The information is being used to determine the severity of a concussion and when it's safe to return to play.  The new grant from the NFL, G-E Healthcare, and Under Armour, will help researchers measure impact and recovery with even more accuracy.

This is the first stage of the $20 million Head Health Challenge. Dr. McCrea's team and the 15 other winners will compete next year to become one of 6 recipients of a $500 award.




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