Local businesses getting ready for Small Business Saturday

Shop small, but spend big. That's the message being spread on Saturday.

\"It really pays off for our local community if people shop small and dine small,\" said Shirah Apple with the Small Business Administration.

Its what Barbara Berg owner of woman's boutique in Wauwatosa is hoping people do.

\"We have gift items that you won't find in any department store,\" said Berg.

The unique items found in local mom-and-pop shops is one reason of why local business suggest you shop with them.

The other reason has to do with helping your community grow.

\"68 cents to every dollar made goes back to the community, compared to only 48 cents when you are talking about a larger business.\" said Apple.

Small businesses work to outshine their big retail competitors with Small Business Saturday

It actually started as an American Express promotion but it seems to really taken a life of its own. Local business owners don't seem to mind.

\"I'm glad that you are here and buying things. The more you buy the more you save. I rather have a happy customer and get what you want as oppose to going home and not get what you want,\" said Daniel Dehling, owner of Bayview Books.

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