Local business changing in-store shopping through smart floor technolgy

NOW: Local business changing in-store shopping through smart floor technolgy

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee isn't exactly known for being a hub for startups and new technology. But one business, hidden inside this downtown building is trying to change that.

"When you're in an environment where this is installed, it's not typically exposed like this," said Joe Scanlin, Scanalytics co-creator.

You're looking at floor sensors, designed to read your footprint.

"Scanalytics is a spacial science company. We created a smart flooring solution that monitors how humans interact with and consume physical real estate," said Scanlin.

When the panels are installed in stores, they read how customers shop. For example, how long they may spend in the fitting room or in front of a display case. Business owners can use the data to figure out consumer trends and customize their approach. Even compete with online retailers which can easily track their customer preference and purchases. Joe Scanlin is from Madison and launched the business back in 2013. 

"We're really focused on how everyone is moving through a space."

 Scanlin says he knows Milwaukee isn't known for its start-up technology but his business is growing fast, now with 20 employees. Right now he says they're in some bigger department stores, as well as some local companies like Wheel and Sprocket.

"I truly believe that we can start day zero and accomplish what a company would accompany on one of those coasts, right here in the midwest. We're building technology to take advantage of constants like a floor or a ceiling and bring the data into real life."

In the next year, Scanlin says they plan to add about 8 employees. 

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