Local boy battling cancer gets his own book

NOW: Local boy battling cancer gets his own book

A second grader from New Berlin is battling brain cancer and soon he’ll have a book about that battle.

It was written by a classmate who wants other students to understand what he’s going through.

Linkin Eger is currently undergoing 62 weeks of chemotherapy. But he wants other kids to know it’s not as scary as it sounds.

One of his classmates is sharing that message through a book.

“He’s such an outgoing kid but when it comes to this, he kind of sort of closes himself off,” says Kelly Eger, Linkin’s mom.

Linkin went through chemo when he was two years old but a portion is still intact.

“The tumor will never be able to be resected because it is wrapped around an artery in his brain,” explains Kelly. “So for the next couple of years, the tumor just hung out, so to speak.”

That was until December when Linkin became ill.

“From there we met with the oncology team,” says Kelly. “They recommended that we do a year of chemo.”

Linkin has 40 weeks of his treatment left.

“It doesn’t feel good,” describes Linkin. “It hurts my head and my back.”

“The chemo won’t get rid of the tumor,” says Kelly. “We’re hoping that it’ll just sort of stunt if from causing any further damage.”

It’s a procedure that would be scary for any child which is why Linkin’s friend Naudia decided to write a book and help others understand it, all from a kid’s perspective.

“It felt a little bit scary at first because I didn’t know what was going to happen,” says Naudia. “But after Linkin did all that stuff, I wasn’t scared anymore.”

“She got to see him get his medicine, get the cream put on,” says Kelly. “She drove with us to the hospital and got to experience the whole day.”

Naudia and Linkin go to the same school and had taekwondo together.

Recently, however, Linkin has had to opt for low impact activities like guitar lessons and singing.

“I hope they learn from it [the book] that it’s not scary,” says Linkin.

Chemo may have called for some adjustments in Linkin’s life but it certainly has not impacted his personality.

“Does anyone have a pen,” asks Lincoln. “I need a pen behind my ear to sign autographs.”

You can find more information about it as well as pre-order one here.

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