Living wage activists protest County Executive's home

MILWAUKEE -- More than 40 angry protesters surrounded Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s home Thursday afternoon on the city’s east side. The protesters are upset with Abele’s plan to veto an ordinance approved last month by the County Board.


In a 12-6 veto proof vote, the newly passed ordinance sets a minimum wage for county employees and contracted employees. The vote would boost the pay for county employees and people who do business with the county to at least $11.32 an hour.


County Executive Chris Abele has said that he would rather push to raise the state or federal minimum wage, not push the cost onto Milwaukee County taxpayers. Organizers at Thursday’s protest called their protest “Walk a Day in My Shoes”. The protesters believe the County Executive doesn’t relate to the everyday person in Milwaukee, and say working on $7.25 an hour isn’t enough to support a family.


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