Livelihood of Wisconsin dairy farmers is threatened, state officials now seeking help from Washington

The clock is ticking till a change in Canada that could threaten the livelihood of Wisconsin dairy farmers. Now, state officials are looking to Washington for help.

\"I'm mindful of the fact that it's not going to be easy, but that's exactly why we've asked the President and the White House to get involved.\"

Governor Scott Walker was in north central Wisconsin today talking about a new trade policy in Canada that goes into effect in May.

That new policy means many dairy farmers will have to find other places to sell their milk and fast. Many of them are worried that they can't do it.

\"At a minimum, what we've asked for is delay the implementation here, give us more time. Mullen stepped up and helped take on 8 dairy farmers, but we need to have other options. People just can't stop milking and you can't just dump the milk.\"

President Donald Trump called Canada's dairy policy unfair during his visit to Kenosha this week. He's promised to work with state officials. 

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