Lieutenant Governor election preview

It's very much the under-card on Election Day, the race for Lieutenant Governor here in Wisconsin. A race that doesn't get much attention given all the focus on Scott Walker and Mary Burke.

We've now seen two debates and countless TV ads focused on the race between Republican Governor Scott Walker, and Democratic challenger Mary Burke.

But there are two other people attached to this race, current Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, she is seeking re-election along with Walker. Then on the Democratic side, State Senator John Lehman on the ticket with Mary Burke.

\"I'm a former school teacher in Racine Unified and I've been in the Legislature since 1997 with the exception of a year I was out. I came back in the recall a couple of years ago.\" Lehman said.

Lehman didn't serve in public office until he was 51 years old. He says his experience as a teacher, then in the State Assembly, and more recently the State Senate would come in handy for Burke.

He also says the real purpose of the Lt. Gov. office is to support the public policy of the governor, and says Burke's policy is something he's able to fully support.

\"I'm a solid Democrat. I would describe myself as a progressive. Someone who is really people oriented. That includes paying real attention to low-modest income folks. To pay real attention to the environment, and education, and health care.\" Lehman said.

Current Lt. Gov. Kleefisch was a small business owner and news reporter before being elected with Walker back in 2010. Her website bio credits her with cold calling Illinois businesses and encouraging them to move to Wisconsin. She was not available for an on camera interview Monday, we will try again to catch up with her this week.

Voters will not vote for Lt. Gov. separately, that office is combined with candidates for Governor on the ballot.

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