Let The Hunting Games Begin!

Hundreds of thousands of deer hunters are packing up their blaze orange and ammo ahead of Saturday's opening of the deer hunting season. The nine day opportunity to \"bag a buck\" last through November 30.

It's estimated the hunting industry brings in $1.5 billion to the Badger state each year. This year, hunters will see a few rules changes, including a change in deer management zones. These areas are now county based. So it's important for hunters to know their locations.

Typically more than 600,000 licenses are issued statewide and interestingly enough about the same amount of deer are killed. Many we spoke with today say this sport is more than just a rush to hunt an animal. It's a way to enjoy a peaceful setting and connect with nature or perhaps with friends and family.

The Wisconsin DNR tells me last year there were no deer hunting fatalities. The hope is the trend will continue this year as well.

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