Lemonade stand back open in Oconomowoc with help from kind citizens

A lemonade stand went missing in Oconomowoc, but who took it remains a mystery. The children thought their lemonade stand business was over until some kind strangers stepped in to help.

The stand was stolen from the corner of Park and Concord in Oconomowoc where the kids say one person comes every ten minutes.

8-year-olds Griffin and Cheyanne’s lemonade stand is, “serious business selling lemonade. Oh yeah. It’s serious,” they say.

But now the kids have a new store front after their table was recently taken, “I'm like really? I wasn't happy when they took it," said Griffin.

The kids fired back posting a sign that said, “Give it back, it wasn’t for free,” That sign caught the attention of the Police Department who posted the alleged theft on Facebook. That Facebook post sparked dozens of citizens to unite turning their virtual support into reality.

A Jefferson County woman donated the table and someone else delivered it so the kids are back selling their lemonade.

And with the new lemonade stand came an increase in prices turning a sour situation into a pretty sweet sale.

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