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Legislative Republicans unveil new 'Tougher on Crime' initiatives

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) – Legislative Republicans unveiled some of their new "tougher on crime" initiatives in a news conference Monday, Jan. 13.

With just a few more days left in this legislative year, Republican representatives present on Monday said they’re not worried about the deadline to get these bills to the governor’s desk.

While these measures were introduced by some Republicans, they say crime is a nonpartisan issue.

Just last week, the common council in West Allis voted on a resolution to toughen their response to crime.

Representative Joe Sanfelippo (R- New Berlin), joined by Rep. Dan Knodl, Rep. Jim Ott and several others, unveiled the first of many anti-crime initiatives that will be coming forward this spring session.

During the news conference they mentioned the goal is to make Wisconsin a safe state.

They said it establishes a new level of accountability. Some of the topics included were retail theft, driving without a license, and repeat offenders.

There were at least six bills that were released on Monday afternoon.

They also mentioned some of the bills have bipartisan support and have been in the works for several years.

“This is the beginning of our initiative, not the end,” says Sanfelippo. “This is a work in progress many of us have been working on for several years. We’re going to continue to put forth ideas as time goes on in the spring.”

Organizers say they’re not sure of the exact number of bills they’ll be releasing, but say there are at least 12 ideas they will be working on.

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TeresaWoodford 144 days ago
Great so the next time a person in Wisconsin is caught cheating on their spouse the law will be enforced? After all it is a class I felony.. or is this new "tough" on crime" just to target addicts and people of color? Jail and prison should be used for people we are afraid of not those we are mad at. Locking more individuals up is not the answer to all problems. Start looking at the root cause of the crimes and address that. Such things as poverty, poor family unit, and addiction. We do not need more in an already overcrowded system where they can learn how to be a better criminal.
Homer 145 days ago
Great photo of an All White group of Legislative Republicans wanting to get "tougher on crime" including retail theft, driving without a license, and repeat offenders. There are no people of color in the photo... that may be the point.

Make Wisconsin a safe state..Who commits crime in Wisconsin? Statistics, though factual, are racist, and should not be considered.

Since our jails and prisons are over crowded, the new 'tougher on crime' initiatives will offer Demerits, Timeouts, and a stern lecture of more Demerits...
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