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Laylah Petersen's reward fund increases to $35,000

On the six month mark since young Laylah Petersen was killed, several groups have come together to offer $35,000 for information that leads to the arrest of her killer.

The ATF, Citizen's for Urban Justice and Attorney Michael Hupy are combining funds for the reward. The five-year-old Petersen was killed on November 6th in her home while sitting on her grandfather's lap. Her mother Ashley Fogl begged for someone to come forward.

\"Someone needs to step up and stop being afraid, this shouldn't happen to anybody. You need to be brave and speak up for my Laylah.\"

Hupy committed $25,000 Wednesday during a joint news conference with Police Chief Ed Flynn and the Petersen family.

Hupy had actually been in contact with the family early on in the investigation and said back then he had hoped the case would be solved sooner.

Hupy's law firm is also supporting new billboards to urge the public to come forward.

Chief Ed Flynn said his department had chased down hundreds of leads, even rumors, but they are no closer to identifying the person or people responsible. He hopes the money will convince someone to reveal crucial information.

\"There's some people out there who know something, who will be motivated to at long last do the right thing,\" Flynn said.

Laylah was sitting on her grandfather's lap when more than a dozen bullets fired from outside entered her grandparent's home near 58th & Fairmount.

Investigators haven't even come up with a possible motive.

Laylah's mother Ashley Fogl addressed the person who knows something directly at the press conference. \"How would you feel if this was your family? Somebody needs to step forward and stop being afraid.\" 

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