Lawsuit filed against same-sex marriages

A local longtime activist is so adamant about putting a stop to same-sex marriages that he filed a lawsuit Thursday afternoon against County Executive Chris Abele.

\"The people are ok, its what they're doing that is a sin,\"said Robert Braun, the man who filed the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states: same-sex marriages were banned in 2006 and the ban should remain in place.

It also claims Chris Abele is giving money to a special interest group when he agreed to use his own money to pay county workers for overtime. The county clerks office stayed open on the Saturday after the same-sex marriage ban was lifted to issue marriage licenses.

Chris abele issued the following statement:

\"It's disappointing anyone would try to stop these historic and joyful marriages. Loving couples should have the opportunity to commit to each other. I'm proud we were the first county in the state to allow same sex couples to get marries and I will continue to do what I've been doing for 15 years, fight for equality.\"


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