Lawmakers push to get Marsy's Law on April ballot

NOW: Lawmakers push to get Marsy’s Law on April ballot

(CBS 58) -- In December of 2015, Madison’s Christina Traub was walking home with her boyfriend,  when they got in a fight, and he strangled her.

“I went to grab my keys, and then next thing i know, i’m just back on the hood of my car, with hands on my throat, thinking, am i going to die,” Traub said.

She felt left in the dark about when his trial dates were moved and when he would be let out of jail.

“I was terrified at every corner," Traub said. "I didn’t know is he following me? Is he being monitored? I just had no clue.”

Marcy’s Law would let victims, like Traub, know when the accused is set free, receive alerts for trial days and give them a chance to voice their opinion at more of the criminal proceedings.

“Anything we can do to sympathize, and sort of aid those individuals in dealing with the fallout of a crime, i think it’s very important,” Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee.

The proposal passed the legislature last session, but because it’s a constitutional amendment, they must pass the same thing again. Some worry the law will infringe on defendants rights.

“Make sure that in the bill that none of this overrides their rights to fully defend themselves against false accusations,” Rep Shae Sortwell, R-Two Rivers, said.

Traub says she hopes other victims will have what she didn’t

“It would have gone light years toward me going through this trauma, and being able to come out the other side,” 

Lawmakers hope to get the amendment on the ballot for voters to approve in during the April election.

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