Lawmakers and officials release statements following Foxconn groundbreaking

MOUNT PLEASANT, Wis. (CBS 58) -- On Thursday officials broke ground on the $10 billion Foxconn facility in Mount Pleasant which will take of 22 million square feet of space.

Village of Mount Pleasant President David DeGroot said: 

“This is a celebration of an unprecedented investment in our community. Today’s groundbreaking sets into motion the creation of thousands of family-supporting jobs and a ripple effect of economic development that will impact the entire state.”

Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave said:

“Less that one year ago, we learned that Racine County would be home to Foxconn’s first major North American investment. Since that time, we’ve built a great partnership with Foxconn and demonstrated unprecedented intergovernmental cooperation as the company has strengthened its unparalleled commitment to Racine County and the State of Wisconsin. I’m proud to call Racine County the home of Foxconn.”

Jenny Trick, Executive Director, Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC):

“For many, today’s groundbreaking signals that Foxconn is here to stay. I anticipate that today is just the starting point of celebrations to come as other businesses consider all that Racine County has to offer and make decisions to invest in our community.”

State Representative JoCosta Zamarripa (D-Milwaukee) said:

“Today, we get to see the coming together of President Trump and Governor Walker. They will once again revel in their shared vision for Wisconsin and America, from massive tax giveaways for the wealthy to undermining health care for those with preexisting conditions."

Speaker Paul Ryan, who was at the groundbreaking, issued the following statement:

“As we break ground today, we embark on a new era of manufacturing in the State of Wisconsin. This is a great day for the Badger state, and I want to thank Governor Walker for his help bringing this unprecedented project to Wisconsin, President Trump for his vision and leadership, and Chairman Gou for his commitment to Wisconsin.

“I’m thrilled that this project will not only create thousands of good, family-sustaining jobs, but ensure that Wisconsin is at the cutting-edge of this important industry. Today, we demonstrate to the rest of the world that Wisconsin will be a manufacturing powerhouse for generations to come, and I am excited to see the far-reaching economic impact Foxconn will have on the state and district I call home.”

Governor Walker said this:

“This is a historic moment for our entire state and our country. Wisconsin won Foxconn and the first LCD manufacturing facility in North America thanks to our outstanding workforce and strong manufacturing legacy. With Foxconn’s plans to create 13,000 direct good-paying, family-supporting jobs, and our record low unemployment rate of 2.8 percent, it makes it all the more important to attract more workers to Wisconsin.”

Randy Bryce, candidate for Paul Ryan's open seat said this:

"Once again, Donald Trump is lying to us. He claims that Foxconn will create "15,000 jobs". But here's the reality: Foxconn is only guaranteed to create 3,000 jobs. True to form, he is over-promising and under-delivering. So now I have a message for Donald Trump: working families are sick of being lied to. We see the lies a mile away and we will hold you accountable this November."

Following the groundbreaking ceremony for Foxconn’s historic investment in Wisconsin, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Brad Courtney:

“Thanks to President Trump, Governor Walker, and Speaker Ryan, Wisconsin is working — and this historic investment by Foxconn has the opportunity to completely transform our state’s economy. With over 10,000 new jobs for hard-working Wisconsin families and billions of dollars in new investment from the company into this high-tech industry, today’s groundbreaking ceremony is the start of great things to come for communities across Wisconsin. I applaud our Republican leaders for all their hard work leading up to today to make sure that our state’s economy continues to move forward in the 21st century.”

Republican State Senator Leah Vukmir and current candidate for U.S. Senator said:

“Today is a huge win for Wisconsin as our state leads the way in ensuring that manufacturing continues to play an important role in our economy. Foxconn will add quality, well-paying jobs for workers and their families. I would especially like to thank President Trump, Gov. Walker. This investment in our economy will provide a significant statewide ripple effect for Wisconsin businesses. Today’s groundbreaking sends a signal across the country that Wisconsin is open for business.”

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