Law enforcement teaming up to tackle reckless driving in southeast Wisconsin

NOW: Law enforcement teaming up to tackle reckless driving in southeast Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 85) -- Milwaukee has recently had a number of reckless driving incidents leading to police chases and serious crashes in the city.

On Wednesday, Milwaukee Police said they're joining forces with other local law enforcement agencies to put a stop to it. 

MPD is teaming up with agencies including the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, Wisconsin State Patrol, Oak Creek Police, and Greenfield Police among others to address reckless driving, an issue that affects everyone. 

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales says it's truly a team effort, including the community in several town hall meetings. They have learned more about residents' fears of reckless drivers. He says there has been an increase in crashes, but a drop in fatalities. 

According to MPD data, there have been 16 deaths due to reckless driving this year. But officials say part of getting this issue under control is working together to stop it before it happens. 

"We're committed as an agency. Our partners are committed throughout the county, through the state patrol also to come together collectively in this manner and to be innovative and to find the most effective method to reduce the number of crashes and increase safety in our city," said Asst. Chief Michael Brunson with the Milwaukee Police Department. 

Officials say it starts with us and to put away cell phones, buckle up, and remember that driving is a privilege. 

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