Latest taco craze hits Milwaukee 🌮 Chuy’s Red Tacos specializing in birria opens for business

NOW: Latest taco craze hits Milwaukee 🌮 Chuy’s Red Tacos specializing in birria opens for business

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The latest taco craze has hit the Milwaukee area. While many of us love tacos and venture out to eat them on various occasions, "birria" is usually only available on specific days, but now a local food truck is offering it as their only specialty.

You may have scrolled through social media and seen images of people dipping their tacos into a small cup of consommé. Birria is a special treat long known in Mexican restaurants and to the Latino population.

Chuy’s Red Tacos opened Friday, Sept. 18, at 4511 South 6th Street in Milwaukee, and CBS 58 got a special, early preview of all the deliciousness that customers can expect when they stop by for a visit.

“Birria has been around forever, there’s a lot of great places that have been doing birria here forever, they’re just hard to find,” said Jesus Jesus Nañez, owner of Chuy’s Red Tacos.

You’ve probably already seen the crispy red taco shells trending on social media; the color coming from a secret chili oil recipe made in-house.

“In which the tortillas are dipped, so that they’re a little crispy on the outside, and they have a lot of flavor in the shell itself,” said Nañez.

It’s then stuffed with cheese, toppings, and of course-your preferred type of birria.

“Imagine this slow-cooked beef, pulled, tender, inside of this crispy shell, cilantro and onions, and then we throw a little thin-sliced cabbage on some of them," Nañez said. 

Birria purists consider goat the only type of birria, but it can also be made from beef, chicken, or veggie-friendly alternatives like the Jamaican, or hibiscus flower at Chuy’s. All of which can then be dipped into a warm broth-called a consommé.

Jesus says he just wanted to make it easy and accessible for everyone-but still deliver authentic “señora” flavors.

“It’s my passion. It’s always been easy for me,” said Lucia Vieyra, the chef that helped develop Chuy’s flavors.

She’s been cooking since she was a child in Leon, Guanajuato in Mexico.

“We have to sell quality with love, and everything has to be fresh,” says Vieyra. “Everything I do, I do it with love and dedication. And I try to make it perfect every single time.”

Jesus says it’s what makes their tacos superior to others.

“They’re so much more delicious, they’re just so flavorful,” says Jesus.“ We just make it different and we put a lot of heart into what we do.”

Jesus says don’t be intimated by trying a new food, that’s the fun of it right??

So just go for it, you grab the juicy tacos--and you dunk it--and stuff it right in your mouth. Keep a lot of napkins handy!

To learn more about Chuy's Red Tacos, CLICK HERE

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