Last victims of Bayside apartment fire to move out of temporary shelter

NOW: Last victims of Bayside apartment fire to move out of temporary shelter

The North Shore Fire Department was back at the White Oaks apartment complex Tuesday to put out a flare up hat has delayed recovery efforts, as crews continue to try and make the area safe enough to get people's belongings out.

"For people to enter the building, or for, likely, a trained person to enter the building for possessions and belongings," said North Shore Fire Department Chief Robert Whitaker.

The Red Cross set up a shelter that  45 displaced people utilized.

They are requesting people stop donating, as they have reached capacity for local donations for the Bayside victims.

"It was really my 5 year old daughters, it was her idea," one donor said. "When we told her about the fire, her first reaction was that she wanted to bring her allowance and some of her toys by, and so yesterday I called to try and find out what was most needed."

Property management says many neighbors invited victims to stay with them - and ownership gave most victims a new apartment to stay in permanently.

The Red Cross says the last family will be able to move out of the shelter tomorrow.

White Oaks says they won't be able to say for sure how much can be saved until the building is safe enough for professionals to look at.

"If you were to call this a sports game, for most of us, this would not be a win," Whitaker said. "The life safety part is a win, but the damage is not."

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