Last minute Christmas shoppers flood local stores

Bayshore Town Center has been jam packed during the holiday season, and it hasn't been easy finding a parking spot at the mall.

But last minute shoppers have one mission, and that's to get the job before Christmas.

\"It's not late for us. As long as the store has what I call a husband chair, I put up with it”, said Shopper Dave Sharp.

\"We have four kids, so we're slowly trying to pick away at the kids in one day, and it's now very easy”, said Shopper Lisa Sharp.

Dave and Lisa Sharp started their Christmas shopping on Monday, two days before Christmas.

\"It's hectic, but we're used to it. We've been doing it for the last 15 years, and we end up cramming it into one or two nights”, said Dave Sharp. “It works out.\"

A manager at the Target store located on Miller Parkway in Milwaukee told CBS 58 there is still time for shoppers to cash in on a few bargains.

\"If you're still looking to decorate your home, we've got plenty of products for that, gift wraps, gift tape”, said Alexander Elgersma. “All that type of thing. We also have some good deals on toys and electronics.\"

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