Last call to sign up for health insurance marketplace

\"People who don't sign up by the end of open enrollment might be out of luck of getting into the marketplace,\" said Caroline Gomez, healthcare navigator. 
So, even health care navigators admit signing up for benefits and understanding coverage through the healthcare market isn't easy.

 \"The health system in the us overall is really complex.When you talk about insurance, even people with PhD's have trouble understanding really what are the policy stipulations,\" said event organizer Luis Arzaluz. 

And that is exactly why Arzaluz says the event was held: to answer as many questions as possible so as many people possible sign up for coverage. 

\"What's a premium, what's a deductible, how often do you see the doctor?  These are questions that people need to be aware of when they're deciding to purchase healthcare,\" said Arzaluz. 

Also, how much will it cost?  What many don't realize is the government offers help. 

\"There subsidized plans through the government so they don't have to pay the full premium. Ninety-eight percent  of the people we have usually get cost sharing so they dont have to pay 100 percent of the cost,\" he said. 

 Though Sunday is technically the deadline navigator Caroline Gomez tells us you're able to finish your application after that date as long as you start it now. 

\"If people started their applications today or tomorrow they'll at least be able to finish. As long as they're in queue they'll be able to complete their full application,\" she said. 

And if you totally miss the deadline, call a local navigator. There are certain events like the birth of a child or a new job that could give you the ability to qualify. 

 \"So its really being aware that there are certain circumstances that allow you to at least get that coverage you need,\" said Gomez. 

Even after the enrollment period is done if you still have questions about the healthcare marketplace you can call 2-1-1, and they will answer them for you. 
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