Landscaper accused of swindling $100,000 from Kenosha County woman

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Lake Geneva man is accused of swindling a 75-year-old Kenosha County woman out of tens of thousands of dollars. 

According to the criminal complaint, Andrew Wade was the woman's landscaper. She asked him to watch over her house while she was away having surgery. The complaint says Wade started taking care of her finances and transferred the deed to her house into his name. 

He was also named her power of attorney. When the woman returned home, she found all of her possessions gone and had to live in a garage on the property. 

The complaint also says she loaned him money to buy a house. 

Investigators say $100,000 was transferred to his bank account which was most of the woman's life savings. 

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