Lakefront Brewery Black Friday Brew Taps into Massive Amount of Beer Fans

The clearest Black Friday success story locally was the Lakefront Brewery's Black Friday Brew.

People lined up outside the brewery on Thanksgiving night. As the hours passed, more folks lines up. The line was massive by Friday morning, wrapping around the parking lot, down the block and around the corner.

Those who waited say it was worth it. To get a taste of the Imperial South that was aged in bourbon barrel and left sitting for about seven months.

"There's a couple breweries around the country doing things like this," explained Lakefront Brewery President Russ Klisch. "We thought this would be a perfect day to do it. There are a lot of people sitting home with their families the day after Thanksgiving. They want to get out and so something different and this seems like a good little outlet for people for the day after."

Lakefront made enough for 4,200 bottles.

This is hopes of delaying the sellout it was last year.

In this fourth year, this was the largest Black Friday crowd yet.

Lakefront says it had no idea how big this would become.

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