Lake Geneva baby with heart defect keeps fighting

NOW: Lake Geneva baby with heart defect keeps fighting

LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Walworth County infant is happily recovering after undergoing a heart surgery for a rare condition she has.

From just days old, Finley Moore has been on a journey to recovery. Her mother Rita Moore’s midwife first noticed the problem; from there Finley’s journey begins.

Finley Moore suffers from a rare heart defect called DORV, Double Outlet Right Ventricle. However that’s not all, Finley also has Heterotaxy Syndrome meaning her organs are reversed. According to the US National Library of Medicine only 1 in 10,000 people have Heterotaxy Syndrome. Her organs will never be reversed, but for now she’s taking antibiotics to protect herself from infections. Finley had open heart surgery in July, which was a success. Now, the five-month old baby has a scar on her chest, showing her battle wounds from a battle she won.

“We want her to be proud of it. She earned it,” Rita Moore said. “There's nothing ugly about being strong.”

For Finley’s parents, it’s was hard to watch her suffer in the hospital, but now Finley is safe at home with her parents. 

“I can tell you how many times I thought she was going to die and then to find out she's fine,” Rita Moore said. 

Her father also struggled to see his baby girl in pain.

“Post-surgery. I had a hard time being in the room,” Joshua Moore said.  

Even though their GoFund me page didn't raise even half of their goal, the Lake Geneva community, police and fire departments came together to help the Moore’s. Finley helped her parents through it all.

“People always say to us you're so strong, but it's her not us,” Rita Moore said.

While Finley had a successful heart surgery, it's just the beginning of her journey. Her parents said she has two small holes in her heart and two of her valves aren’t functioning perfectly. If you'd like to help the family you can donate here:

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