Lake effect snow catches residents by surprise

From Racine, to Cudahy, to the east side of Milwaukee, a white whirling blanket covered the lakeshore, leaving residents wondering when spring will arrive.

Jim Ollrogge, a east side resident says, \"When you get into the end of February you'd like to think you don't have to do too much of it anymore, but my biggest concern is there isn't much snow. I have a crew who can do it, but every time they show up it's 100 dollars.\"

In Racine, Michael Boero is pacing himself to \"winter's finish line.\"

Michael Boero says, \"As you see I'm getting my steps going down, when I get home I'll get the driveway.

No one knows the struggle quite like Peter Schilling with Mt. Pleasant's Highway Department. He's been up since 2 in the morning and was still going strong after the noon hour. He was surprised by the lake effect snow.

Schilling says, \"It's more than we thought, and we're playing a game trying to plan this out before we quit, so there's no overtime.\"

Despite winter's stronghold on Wisconsin, the sunny afternoon was just enough to keep spirits bright.

\"Last year it was everyday, so this year it's a little bit better, so you're not down in the dumps about this, I'm optimistic.\"

By mid day most of the roads were clear.

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