Lady spends 18 months painting murals, soon will be painted over

A Milwaukee woman has been filling her apartment building with Wisconsin centric works of art but the building has come under new ownership and the art work will likely be removed.

Mary Kim decided to give her section 8 housing a little color. Her murals have everything from Packers players to the residents here in her building.

The South Korean native native says she made Milwaukee her home 25 years ago. So when her building's former manager asked her to paint every hall in the building she jumped at the opportunity-- to make Milwaukee murals.

But recently after a management change they told her they'd paint over many of her murals. She spent a year and a half painting everything from the packers to residents-- some who died and are only alive in her paintings.

The company spoke to CBS 58 and said they will keep a little bit of her artwork, but wouldn't say how much. They wouldn't let CBS 58 in the building to get video of Kim's artwork. 

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