Kris Zocco trial will start Monday despite lawyer objections

NOW: Kris Zocco trial will start Monday despite lawyer objections

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Despite objections from his lawyers, Kris Zocco's trial will go on as planned on Monday. Zocco is accused of killing Kelly Dwyer during rough sex in 2013.

The defense and prosecution argued for a second day in a row over a new piece of evidence. The defense called two Milwaukee Police Department forensics detectives to the stand to question them about a forensic image of Kelly Dwyer's computer hard drive.

The defense says they were never given a full copy what's on the computer and they believe it's a crucial piece of evidence in the case. The defense says Dwyer's laptop shows that she visited websites involving strangulation in sex acts. The Milwaukee Police Department detectives say a portion of the forensic image was "zero'd out" and is no longer available. They say they're not sure how it happened.

The state doesn't believe there's any substantial evidence on the computer. The defense feels differently and wanted to delay the trial but after Friday morning's hearing, Judge Jeffrey Wagner decided the trial will start Monday afternoon as planned.   

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